Viv Ellis

I was born in Portsmouth and, aged 21, went to London Bible College where I met my husband, David Ellis
We have a double wedding anniversary every year because we got married in the chapel at LBC but had to have a civil ceremony the day before!
We have three children, and the recent edition of a beautiful granddaughter.
I work full-time as a Family Support Worker in a Children’s Centre –  a mixture of challenge and reward!
I have been a member of Connexion for many years now and value the support of others who simply just ‘understand’ ministry life. I have been to lots of conferences and love the fellowship, and of course being “looked after” for the weekend by the centre staff.
Connexion has been particularly important during the last couple of years when Dave transitioned into Regional Ministry and I struggled to let go of our previous church and adjust to a new way of life. Thankfully now I feel much stronger and love the church where we have become members. God is good!