Penny Hyde

When I think about who I am, I first think about being Tim’s wife, we have been married for 24yrs, and mum to my three teenagers, Jacob 19, Eleanor 17,and Jonathan 15; but I am also a full time GP in my town.

I suppose my hobbies are sewing and over the years that has included cross stitch, patchwork and more so dressmaking now – I think that is partly the spend thrift in me and also the enjoyment of seeing something completed and wearable (well most of the time). I love watching TV dramas – crime and historical, but also enjoy reading similar genres, especially Phillippa Gregory. I am a quiet person generally, I don’t like fuss; but I am probably a bit OCD though, which my work colleagues will find out.

I do enjoy the time away we can enjoy as a family, whether that is a few hours together on a Saturday, or our holidays when we try to get away altogether.

I also love being a part of Connexion, especially attending the weekend to get together with all of you, to share fellowship with you, because you know what it is like to be in my shoes!