Angela Wright

Hi, my name is Angela Wright and my husband and I have been in ministry for just over 10 years. My husband is part time minister for two small churches in South Yorkshire, and I am a full time teacher and manager at a residential Adult Education College in Barnsley.

I joined Connexion shortly after my husband began his contextual training, a time when I had 4 reasonably small children. At the beginning of an eventful journey, this was the lifeline that I needed. As time went by I felt called to serve God in a new way and joined the Connexion Exec so that I could use my experience to support others in a more formal role. Being a part of Connexion is quite liberating, because it is the one place I am able to be ‘me’. I am an ‘ideas’ person and my imagination and different ideas are what I excel in; within Connexion I am able to express this and use my strengths to the best of my ability. Connexion is my earthly lifeline with a heavenly context.

I am excited about the way that organisation evolves and responds to the needs of the members, connecting in different ways, enabling and facilitating support and challenge, joining with people in their celebrations and engaging faithful prayer warriors in an up to date way.