All About Connexion

How did it all begin?

Connexion began over a hundred years ago as the ‘Prayer Union’ and has always recognised the unique role played by those married to a Baptist minister or missionary.

The group has changed name a number of times but it aims to encourage and support those married to Baptists in ministry and mission, whether studying, serving, retired, or widowed.

Connexion also aims to promote prayer for ourselves, our partners, our children and our churches.

We have a residential two day conference every other year and meet up informally at the Baptist Assembly. Some smaller groups meet locally throughout the year, and our magazine, written by members for members, is issued three times a year.

Why the name Connexion?

Dictionary Definition: Connexion (British spelling); the act of associating; a link, relationship or association; a relation of ideas; a religious body.

The name was chosen because it recognises one fact that connects the members – the calling of our husband or wife.

The choice of the original British spelling reflects the fact that this word was often used in previous times for religious groups – and also because it has the Cross at its heart.

How can I become part of Connexion?

Membership is by subscription – £20 per annum for spouses of serving ministers and missionaries, and £10 for retired, widowed and student spouses.

For further information on joining, contact Christina Carter on 01424 424520 or email.


If your husband or wife is training for ministry or mission work, you can enjoy all the benefits of membership at half the cost!

We’d like to encourage you to begin your shared commitment to ministry with all the resources of support, encouragement and prayer that are available to you.

We believe that the support network of Connexion is especially important for church-based student spouses because contact with College may be limited. There may not be many opportunities for you to get together with others in a similar situation perhaps causing you to feel isolated. We hope that Connexion can help a little with that. As well as sending the magazine we can put you in touch with other partners living locally.